Custom Color Match



How to choose the correct color:

In order to get the closest hair color match possible please ask for complimentary swatches and I will send them out to you asap! You can contact me here  --> Contact Tressa the Hairdressa <-- with your full name, address and the color swatches you would like to see and I will get send them out to you asap! 

Refer to the color chart here --> Color Chart <-- to see the colors I have available.

If you request swatches or send a picture of your hair color (or a picture of someone else with similar hair) I will try to match as closely as I can.

Please note: A photographer took the pictures of the colors on the color chart and calibrated them to my computer. Therefore, the representations of the colors in the color chart are as close to accurate as I could possibly make them. Unfortunately, even though I went through this effort - your laptop, phone, desktop etc. may be set to a different lightness/ brightness than the calibrated settings of the computer that I own. For example - My laptop does not match my desktop does not match the wii on my TV. For that reason the color may not be showing up as the true color on your device.

It is best to request complementary swatches before ordering to be certain of the closest color match.  No color will be an exact match, but I will try to get it as close to your hair color as possible.

I can blend to make "in between" shades and can also add highlights to your hair piece.  Before making the payment of your order at check out there will be a "note to seller" area to write how you would like me to make your hairpiece.   You can attach pictures and put the color or colors you would like in the "order comments" area when you check out.

Please write the percent of each color you would like me to blend.  Describe your highlights in this way: thin, medium or chuncky.  For example: You have auburn hair with thin strawberry blond highlights - You would write in the "order comments" section at check out this information:

auburn - 75%

strawberry blond - 25% - highlights thin

*Please note - For the best match you can send a swatch of your hair to me- Please contact me and I will give you the information on how to do that!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all about the process.